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"Some men just want to watch the world burn."





these dudes are amazing, it’s a shame they didn’t have a fourth homie to round it out with. im pretty sure i saw their version of the haruhi opening a while back too


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THE DAY HAS here. RIP Daggermouth.



Alex G




Alex G // Sorry 

"Can you forgive me for that pain"

Drop a band and get an answer:

Megadeth: Have you ever had a drastic falling out with a close friend?
Metallica: Would you say you've changed much in the last few years?
Tankard: Do you drink alcohol?
Burzum: What was the last really stupid thing you did?
Black Sabbath: Do you think you have ever influenced anyone?
Ozzy: Do you think you work better single or in a relationship?
Deicide: Have you ever told a ridiculous lie to someone?
Cryptopsy: Have you ever been accused of changing by a close friend?
Darkthrone: Do you go out much, or do you prefer to stay in?
Motorhead: Do you think people will remember you when you die?
Mortician: Do you like Horror movies?
Impaled: Have you ever had surgery?
Strapping young lad: Has anyone ever called you crazy?
Thin Lizzy: Have you ever had a friend who died too young?
Manowar: Would you say you have an over the top personality?
Cruachan: Are you into mythology?
Judas Priest: Do you wear leather?
Nasty Savage: Have you ever felt like you deserve more credit?
Iced Earth: Have you ever felt replaced in your group of friends?
Soulfly: Do you have an old group of friends whom you miss?
Cavalera Conspiracy: Are you close with your family?
Sepultura: Do you like the country you live in?
Type O Negative: Would you say you're sexually desirable?
Brain Drill: Do you consider yourself a complicated person?
Dragonforce: Name 2 things you find overrated
Dying Fetus: How do you feel about the music industry?
Blind Guardian: Do you read fantasy literature?
Death: Would you say you're a humble person?
Tyr: Are you interested in your family's history?
Anvil: Did you ever miss out on something and regret it deeply?
Hank 3: When it comes to music, do you stay with one genre in general or do you like a little bit of everything?
Cannibal Corpse: Have you ever been accused of going too far?
Anal Cunt: Do you think rude jokes are funny?
Meat Shits: Have you ever told someone something that was plainly offensive just for the sake of pissing them off?
Schelmish: When you and your friends drink what do you get up to?
Carpathian Forest: Do you have any fetishes?
Cattle Decapitation: Do you have any unpopular opinions?
Slayer: Has anything you've said been misinterpreted?
Gorerotted: Do you like your name or have you ever wanted to change it?
Cathedral: Have you ever felt like you were moving too fast and needed to slow down?
Napalm Death: Are you opinionated?
Dream Theater: Do you consider yourself educated?
Trivium: Do kids like you?
Iron Monkey: Would say you're a violent person?
Down: What's your drug of choice?
Gorgoroth: Have you ever called a friend out on bullshit?
Rhapsody: Do you find that people either love you or despise you?
Immortal: Would you say that you have a good sense of humour?
At The Gates: How do you feel about your home town?
Dio: How do you feel about religion?
Marilyn Manson: Have you ever gone through a phase?
Ministry: Have you ever said you were going to do something but didn't follow through with it?
Mayhem: Have you ever been given praise you felt you didn't deserve?
Anthrax: Would you say you're either a serious person, or more fun loving?